Description: It's a tough life for an eleven-year-old kid. It started as a prank to see just how far he could push the police. Then something went wrong and now he's wanted, with nowhere to hide but the streets. A tense urban drama.
Starring: Brenda Fricker, Colin Campbell, Daniel Peacock, Derrick O'Connor, Gary Olsen, George Costigan, Geraldine James, Gwyneth Strong, Jack Douglas, Jesse Birdsall, Jimmy Hibbert, June Watson, Kim Taylforth, Mel Smith, Neil Cunningham, Niall Padden, Nula Conwell, Paul Mari, Peter Clark, PH Moriarty, Richard Beckinsale, Richard Hope, Richard Thomas, Roger Lloyd
Genre: Drama
Countries: UK
Director: Stephen Frears
Release Date: January 03, 1991
Runtime: 91 mins
IMDb Rating: Bloody Kids (1991) on IMDb
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