Description: Elmo Freech is a private investigator and was contracted by John Portland, a CIA agent who suffers amnesia, in oder to reveale a dubious case of drug smuggling in which are involved big fishes of the CIA and from Washington.
Starring: Billy Blanks, Brad Bovee, Brant von Hoffman, Charles Kahlenberg, Christopher Kriesa, Ed Berke, Gary Kasper, James Karen, Janet Jones, Lisa Comshaw, Lisa Stahl, Mark Ginther, Michael Francis Clarke, Myke Michaels, Phil Morris, Richard Norton, Roddy Piper, Ronald E House, Roy Werner, Sal Landi
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Countries: USA
Director: Steve Cohen
Release Date: February 14, 1995
Runtime: 92 mins
IMDb Rating: Tough and Deadly (1995) on IMDb
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