Description: What's Eating Gilbert Grape: Gilbert has care for his brother Arnie and his obese mother, which gets in the way when love walks into his life.
Starring: Brady Coleman, Cameron Finley, Crispin Glover, David H Kramer, Drew Ebersole, Joe Stevens, John C Reilly, Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, Kevin Tighe, Kirk Hunter, Laura Harrington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Libby Villari, Mary Griffin, Mary Kate Schellhardt, Mary Steenburgen, Mona Lee Fultz, Peter Fernandez, Tim Green, Tim Simek
Genre: Drama, Romance
Countries: USA
Director: Lasse Hallström
Release Date: December 17, 1993
Runtime: 118 mins
IMDb Rating: What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) on IMDb
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