Psycho Sisters

Here's a movie that's sure to offend! As children, Jane and Jackie Sicole witnessed their mother kill and castrate their Nam-vet rapist father before...

Starring: Carl Burrows, Christine Taylor, Clancy McCauley, Darren Ross, Dave Castiglione, Deana Enoches, JJ North, Johann Benet, John Knox, Laura Giglio, Mike Brady, Nancy Sirianni, Pamela Sutch, Pete Jacelone, Peter Kerr, Sasha Graham, Theresa Lynn, Tina Krause
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Countries: USA
Directors: Pete Jacelone
Release Date: August 06, 1998
Runtime: 96 mins
IMDb Rating: Psycho Sisters (1998) on IMDb

2.72/5 - (53 Votes)

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